World of Warcrafts Hunter Class Guide – Warcrafts Pet Tamers!

Hunters are true masters of their environment with excellent weapon skills and a loyal pet at their side. The Hunter class are the only class in World of Warcraft that possess the ability to use ranged weapons. They also have a unique ability that allows them to tame wild animals found throughout Azeroth and use them as pets.

Primarily the Hunter is a ranged physical damage dealer and it’s clear why as the role of the Hunter and abilities acquired progress throughout the game!

In fact it’s the Hunters pets and long ranged weapon skills that are their specialization! The Hunters pet can make for a great tank keeping the mobs at bay with force while the Hunter hangs back and picks of their opponents with their ranged weapons.

The Hunter also has a nice range of weapons they can choose  from including; Bows, Crossbows and Guns. On top of the Hunters ability to equip there selves with most weaponry they are also cunning survivors who possess the ability to set traps to overcome their opponents.

Another nice ability that Hunter possesses is the ability to wield two weapons simultaneously making them good for combat in close quarters as well, although a Hunter truly flourishes in combat when fighting from a distance with their pet as a tank.

Given that the Hunters are the surviving class in World of Warcraft they have some nice nature based tricks up their sleeve too, with the ability to create natural poisons otherwise known as stings. These poisons can then be applied to the Hunters weaponry and ammo and inflict a nasty side effect on their opponents.

When it comes to leveling in World of Warcraft the Hunter class is without doubt the easiest class to level. You could opt for a  which would focus on increasing the strength and stamina of the Hunters pet which will make leveling super easy.

The Hunters connection with pets doesn’t just end there though, they can also possess a unique ability called Animal Aspects which allows the Hunter to gain a variety of different buffs from various different animals throughout the game. This can prove to be a real gem of an ability once mastered.

The Hunter also has the Marksmanship talent leveling build which is more focused on increasing the strength and accuracy of the Hunter. Hunters also receive nice boosts quickly as they progress such as higher DPS (damage per second) ammunition.


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