Samsung LED DLP TV – These HDTVs Are Nothing Short of Stunning

If you’re not familiar with all the acronyms in the title, you should probably learn a little about the newer HDTVs before making a purchase. Also, a Samsung LED DLP TV is a television that you should definitely take a look at if you’re getting ready to buy a new TV. You can’t go wrong with any model in Samsung’s latest offerings.  sony 55x75k

The DLP is the Texas Instruments chip that houses millions of microscopic mirrors that can tilt and turn off and on at an incredible 15,000 times per second. Combined with the Samsung LED engine, this makes for an incredible HDTV. Instead of using a consumable (replaced every few years) lamp, along with a noisy, spinning color wheel as in past versions of the DLP chip, a new Samsung LED DLP TV, such as the HL61A750, offers stunning, razor-sharp, free of motion blur, vibrant color video, with nearly instant-on capability. Oh, and since there’s no color wheel whirring, it’s even quieter.

Of course since the Samsung LED DLP TV uses the DLP projection type of imaging, there is no picture tube, and no phosphor, so there is no chance of burn-in. Since there is no high powered, hot burning arc lamp that must be replaced every few years, there isn’t the high cost of routine maintenance either. The Samsung LED DLP TV is also a ‘Green’ device, so there is substantial savings realized over the life of the HDTV.

With all of the amazing features of these Samsung LED DLP HDTVs, you must be asking yourself, ‘is everything completely perfect with these HDTVs ?’ Well, although they do have SRS audio, the audio could be a little better. Since most people will be immediately plugging in to a home theater system though, even this isn’t a real concern.

Even though the audio isn’t exactly incredible, I don’t want to give the impression that it’s really bad either. It is very comparable to other HDTVs. Since it’s now a matter of a single audio cable to your home theater, it’s a quick and easy change too, if you don’t care for the included audio.

There are several other players in the LED DLP HDTV arena, but Samsung is dominating the market, and it’s easy to see why. With the beautiful images that a Samsung LED DLP TV can display, as well as the many outstanding features, including excellent Internet interfacing on some models, a Samsung LED DLP TV is sure to impress even the most demanding videophile. Even though these DLP HDTVs offer such incredible video, the prices across the Samsung line is unbelievably affordable. Many people are reporting the pictures on these latest Samsungs as ‘perfect.’ Even on equal with the highest end plasma HDTVs costing many thousands of dollars more.

The Samsung CinemaPure Color Engine (the LEDs) creates brilliant, realistic images and displays color that’s 40% brighter than traditional HDTVs. It’s actually capable of producing more colors than most sources can even use, 200 trillion accurate colors!

The Samsung also has 120Hz video (the UN55B8000 has 240hz) processing for smooth, jitter-free playback of 24 fps film based material, such as Blu-Ray movies.

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