Learn to Play Keyboards – The Ultimate Benefit of Starting Off With an Online Course

It is important for you to learn to play the keyboards by choosing a method that is most comfortable for you. While many will argue that you cannot go wrong taking the traditional route of hiring a keyboard instructor, I would like to introduce you to the concept of learn to play the keyboards with an online course. There are many benefits to learn with online courses, such as the convenience of learning from home, the time you save from traveling between classes and the flexibility of being able to plan your schedule around your self-designated keyboard lesson time, but the single most important factor is how much money an online course can save you in the course of your keyboard education.

The market rate for a group keyboard lesson usually set you back $30 an hour, and for private lessons conducted by experienced instructors, they can range from $100 to $200 per hour. Online courses, on the other hand, rarely touch the $100 mark. Some of the best courses are available for as little as $40 for the whole set, and each set usually comes with the enough materials for a few hundred hours of actual lesson time.

Let us explore this likely scenario to have a better understanding on how much money the online courses can save us when we compare both ways to learn to play  a course in miracles  keyboards.
If you decide to go for a private instructor that cost $120 an hour, and you reach your desired level of proficiency after 150 hours of lesson time, you would need to spend a total of $18,000. An online course that costs you $50 may get you at least 50 hours worth of equivalent in training and would have already reflected in a saving of $8,950.

Choosing the cheaper option may not be the most ideal solution when it comes to education, but for something like learn to play keyboards, that is going to take many lessons and a long period of time to generate significant results, it is important to factor in the financial feasibility into your plans. In a way, your financial budget has a direct relativity to your progress since you cannot arrange for more lessons with your instructor if you are not able to afford them, so you need to make sure that you can find a method to learn to play keyboards that can provide the biggest value for your investment.


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