How Much Do Custom Golf Clubs Usually Cost?

Since 12th century Scotland, humankind has been looking for ways to improve the golf swing. Over the centuries, it has evolved into the compelling and competitive sport we now know. Some of the greatest advances in golf have included specialized courses and specific task clubs. Today there is a fantastic advancement in clubs: customizing. This option allows people to buy clubs that are built with their body and swing style in mind.

When customizing a club there will be multiple  Vclubshop   factors. Your height, the distance from your wrist to the floor, hand length, the length of your longest finger, swing speed, and swing trajectory will help determine what features you need. Additionally you can choose what the club is made from, the size of the heads, and many more features to help keep the club at a proper weight and fine-tune the control of your swing. In order to determine your precise customizations you can follow any of a multitude of online forms or see a golf professional at a club to help assess your swing style.

Keeping the above factors in mind and remembering that there are many types of clubs, prices for customization vary widely. Custom chippers and putters can start as low as $35 if you’re only looking to specify length and grip, but can go up as high as $200 when made with high quality metals or have more bells and whistles, like head angulations.

Wedges can be bought for $40 with your specifications Vclubshop in mind. Because these clubs are so head dependent, some head customizations can run as high as $100.

Drivers are around $95-$120 at the low end. As this club can make or break the score for many golfers, it may be better to customize the head size, weight, and angles to let this shot soar towards the flag, just as it is intended to. To make this single club with all the features you desire can run upwards of $200-$400.

Custom woods, or fairway metals, are intended to help you avoid hooks and slices. You can pick up a wood for $40-$55 with a few customizations. The avid, more competitive golfer may want to look into more specific features, which will cost closer to $185-$375.

Irons are the most versatile style of club, and  Vclubshop  usually the most numerous in a golf bag. Individually customized, these clubs run $80-$100. Most people will probably look into buying irons in a set. The moderately tweaked club sets can be found for $200-$250, while the more specific sets can run closer to $700-$800. These prices include sets of 7-9 clubs.

Hybrids are a popular type of club that includes properties of both irons and woods. Like the irons, these are typically sold in sets running $900-$1500, although individual clubs can be bought for $55-$75.


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